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Santa's Classroom Week 1 (2022)

Junior Learning has partnered with Santa (and his team of helpers) to provide you with amazing deals as we head into Christmas. We will be offering daily deals every day before Christmas Day.

In week one you will be able to enjoy special offers on products across Language Arts, Decodable Readers, and our other resources.

 1st December: Smart Tray

The elves love working with Santa’s Smart Trays. They are perfect for workshop learning and are self-correcting, so Santa can focus his energy on loading up the sleigh. Enjoy a 20% discount on our Smart Tray products.

Use the promo code ST20 at check-out to unlock this deal. 
(Deal is Valid 12:00am 1st Dec– 11:59pm 2nd Dec)

2nd December: 6 Games

Enjoy a 10% discount from Santa’s Classroom across our 6 Games range. These sets of educational games and activities are designed for teaching important curriculum topic.

Use the promo code: 6GAMES at check-out to unlock this deal. 
(Deal is Valid 12:00am 2nd Dec – 11:59pm 3rd Dec)

3rd December: Social and Emotional Skills

Santa knows that sometimes his hard-working elves can become a little emotional (during the Christmas season). He’s offering a 30% discount across our range of Social and Emotional Skills products to help your little ones understand their feelings and emotions better.

Use the promo code SOCIAL30 at check-out to unlock this deal. 
(Deal is Valid from 12:00am 3rd Dec– 11:59pm 4th Dec)




4th December: Flashbot + Flashcards

Another favourite from the elves is our Flashbot, and this time we are offering - Buy one Flashbot, get 1 set of Flashcards.

Use the promo code FLASHBOT at check-out to unlock this deal.

(Deal is Valid 12:00am 4th Dec – 11:59pm 5th Dec)




5th December: Decodable Boxed Set

It’s always special when we offer discounts on our Decodable Readers, and for a limited time, we are giving you a 10% discount on our boxed libraries.

Use the promo code BOX10 at check-out to unlock this deal.

(Deal is Valid 12:00am 5th Dec – 11:59pm 6th Dec)






6th December: Literacy

Today Santa needed to clear some shelves in his classroom, so he’s giving everyone a 20% discount across our entire Literacy category! (This excludes the Decodable Readers range)

Use the promo code LIT20 at check-out to unlock this deal. 
(Deal is Valid 12:00am 6th Dec – 11:59pm 7th Dec)






7th December: Teacher Books & Workbooks

Count the weeks down until Christmas by working through our Workbooks with the help of our Teacher Books.

Use the promo code TBW30 at check-out to get 30% off the range. (Deal is Valid 12:00am 7th Dec – 11:59pm 8th Dec)



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