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Santa's Classroom Week 2

9th December: Emotions

Santa knows that sometimes his hard-working elves can become a little emotional (during the Christmas season). He’s offering a 30% discount across our range of Emotions products to help your little ones understand their feelings and emotions better.

Use the promo code EMOTIONS at check-out to unlock this deal.

(Deal is Valid 12:00am 9th Dec – 11:59pm 10th Dec).

10th December: Home Learning

The holiday season can mean a lot of time indoors, and away from the classroom. Thankfully, we have a huge range of Home Learning resources that will keep your little ones engaged throughout the holidays and for a very limited time enjoy a 30% discount across the entire range.

Use the promo code HOME at check-out to unlock this deal.

(Deal is Valid 12:00am 10th Dec – 11:59pm 11th Dec).

11th December: SALE Section


Sometimes Santa and Mrs. Claus need to free up some space in their warehouse for new toys, so how do they do it? With a 70% discount across the entire sale section of our website!

(Deal is Valid 12:00am 11th Dec – 11:59pm 12th Dec).

12th December: Decodable Readers, Boxed Sets


It’s always special when we offer discounts on our Decodable Readers, and for a limited time we are giving you a 10% discount on our boxed libraries.

Use the promo code BOXED at check-out to unlock this deal.

(Deal is Valid 12:00am 12th Dec – 11:59pm 13th Dec).

13th December: Maths


Santa knows the importance of Maths to ensure all the good little boys and girls receive what they want on Christmas morning. To ensure that everyone improves their Maths skills he’s giving you a 30% discount off the entire Maths range on our website.

Use the promo code MATH at check-out to unlock this deal.

(Deal is Valid 12:00am 13th Dec – 11:59pm 14th Dec).

14th December: $30 Credit


Once again from the Bank of the North Pole, Santa has arranged $30 of store credit to be used at our online shop.

Spend $150 or more and use the promo code CREDIT30 at check-out to unlock this deal.

(Deal is Valid 12:00am 14th Dec – 11:59pm 15th Dec)

15th December: Letters & Sounds Kits

Junior Learning’s kits are the perfect classroom and home learning solution for a range of topics. Mrs. Claus loves working through them with her elves and is giving you all a 10% discount on these amazing Letters & Sounds kits.

Use the promo code KITS at check-out to unlock this deal.

(Deal is Valid 12:00am 15th Dec – 11:59pm 16th Dec)

16th December: VersaBoard

Santa likes to plot the course of his important Christmas Eve journey on one of our magnetic boards, especially on the large Versaboards to help guide his reindeer. If you need one for your classroom, you can get one today with a 10% discount!

Use the promo code BOARDS at check-out to unlock this deal.

(Deal is Valid 12:00am 16th Dec – 11:59pm 17th Dec).

17th December: Decodable Readers Set 1

Junior Learning’s original Set 1 of Decodable Readers provide hours of early-reading fun for Santa’s elves as they embark on their reading journey. This special deal will open up their reading world with a 10% discount across the entire Set 1.

Use the promo code SET1 at check-out to unlock this deal. This excludes classroom kits.

(Deal is Valid 12:00am 17th Dec – 11:59pm 18th Dec).



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