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Letters & Sounds Phase 3 Set 2 Fiction

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Phonics fiction readers introduce the next 22 letter sounds. Text uses only decodable regular words (according to the week by week progression) along with 'tricky words'.

The set includes 12 fiction readers, each with colourful illustrations.

Year 1
Age 5+
Book Band Early 2 (Yellow)
Guided Reading Level C - D
Reading Level 3 - 6

Book # Book Title Letter Sounds
1 Cat in a Web j          v      w       x
2 Can a Dog Quack? y         z      zz     qu
3 The Rich Man ch      sh       th      ng
4 Hail in the Pail ai        ee
5 The Boatman igh      oa 
6 The Tool Shed oi        oo
7 Bow to the King and the Queen oo       ow
8 Hard on the Farm ar        air
9 Dear Nan, Can You Hear? ear
10 Sam and the Turnips er         ur
11 Poppa Gets a Pedicure or        ure 
12 On Top of a Rock Revision of all Phase 3 sounds

Decodable Resources