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The Beanies Hi-Lo Diversity Decodables Phase 5 Set 2

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Continuing the excitement from your favourite tales in Set 1, this portion of Set 2 delves into 20 different letter patterns, emphasizing alternative vowel sounds. Designed especially for older, struggling readers, these Hi-Lo decodable books sustain the series' high-interest, age-appropriate adventures, featuring our diverse and relatable cast of teenage characters.

Aligned with the Letters & Sounds Phase 5 (Vowel Sounds) curriculum, these readers offer a strictly controlled vocabulary, including the introduction of 'tricky words' only after they have been taught. Each book provides a week-by-week, text-based framework for practising emerging reading skills, helping to build confidence in mastering the phonics code. The set is also compatible with other popular reading schemes, offering book-banded reading levels. This part of Set 2 includes 12 books at the Phase 5 level.

Year 2
Age 5+
Book Band Fluency 1 (Orange)
Guided Reading Level H - I
Reading Level 15 - 16

Book #

Book Title

Letter Sounds


Stay for an Hour

ay    ou    ie    ea


A Royal Birth Right

oy    ir     ue (/oo/ and /y-oo/)


Sam and the Hawk

aw    oe


Elephant Play

wh    ph
5 Draw What We See ew (/oo/ and /y-oo/)    au    ey
6 Race Against Time a-e    e-e     i-e
7 Chilled to the Bone o-e    u-e (/oo/ and /y-oo/)
8 The Temple of the Sun Review
9 A Mammoth Mudslide Review
10 Tab’s First Prize Review
11 The Dolphin Alphabet Review
12 The Lava Tunnel Review


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